Professional Testimonials

Professional Testimonials

What our Professionals say

"Adult orthodontics by CFAST is amazing. It offers the General Dentist with only limited experience to change the looks of our patients very quickly and is a welcome change from drilling to playing with wire and elastics. Cfast has a great back up system with both the laboratory and experienced practitioners who are able quickly via email to give helpful tips with both illustrated pictures and videos of the procedures involved when needed as you proceed through your treatment. I would highly recommend it if you are looking to enhance your skills and refresh your mind
Dr Simon Michaels
"Introducing CFAST to my practice totally changed my life in Dentistry. I have taken many dental courses but this technique is a real breakthrough not only for the dentist but for patient too. Everybody is looking for something that is simple, painless quick and fast and CFAST provides just that. In my dental career, I have always tried to find simple things to do and make even simpler for both my patients and for my staff. CFAST is just that simple, quick and fast. This procedure is reliable, repeatable, and affordable and it is going to benefit lots of people.
Dr Renu Karn
"I don’t have any problems in recommending Cfast treatment to anybody. If the experiences they’re going to have are the experiences I had about the speed and the improvement of the aesthetics like this, it’s got to be the right move, and it definitely beats hands down the idea of the alternative of crowns and veneers
Dr Amarjit Gill
"Cfast has increased the variety in my day to day practice and has also helped build my practice by offering a unique treatment option. The number of adult patients who have chosen Cfast as their preferred choice of orthodontic treatment has exceeded my expectations. I attribute this to how quickly Cfast can straighten front teeth and yield results. The Cfast system has been extremely user friendly and the training and support has been excellent. Many thanks to Biju and the team for bringing Cfast to Australia
Dr Leonard Kwan
"It has been an absolute pleasure to work with CFAST at Nuffield Healthcare Dental Clinics in Singapore. CFAST has empowered all our general dentists with the ability to predictably move and align teeth. Smile Improvement has now become a routinely offered service at Nuffield Dental Clinics with CFAST being discussed with most of our patients right from the outset of any form of dental treatment. The high patient acceptance rate stems from CFAST being both affordable and quick in achieving the desired result. In our experience CFAST has been both a substantial practice and revenue builder and we are glad that we came on board very early in its Singaporean inception.
CEO Nuffield Healthcare Private Limited , Singapore
"From the very first contact, which was a telephone conversation with Gary Dickenson, I have been totally impressed with all aspects of using and dealing with Cfast. The clinical support from Biju and the team has been excellent in both content and speed of delivery. Discussions with Rod, at the lab, have been the same. Most importantly, the system works well and my patients in all my cases so far have been delighted with the results of their treatments. It’s a great practice builder.
Tim Melia
T J Melia Dental Surgery, Aigburth Road, Liverpool. UK

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